The “How-To” Process for Crime Scene Cleanup Certification

Like any other profession, becoming a crime scene cleanup executive requires certification. The reason for the accreditation lies in the complexity and sensitivity of the job. It takes more than a bottle of disinfectant and gloves to clean up a crime scene. You require protective suits, respirators, next-level enzymes, and ozone machines to decontaminate a crime scene.

And because you also deal with sensitive situations, crime scene cleaners can often find themselves as acting counsellors. Your job will require you to speak with the victims loved ones and help them move on. However, becoming certified cleanup professionals is a process. Here are the necessary steps you have to follow.

  • Complete a bio-recovery training

Bio-recovery training provides you with pathogen training that allows you to limit your exposure to bloodborne and blood pathogens while on a crime scene. You also learn about the proper procedures for handling a crime scene during the discovery of new evidence when cleaning a crime scene. Students also acquire several techniques that can help in cleaning body fluids, removing odours, and using specialized equipment.

  • Look for qualified employers

Before you start working independently in this industry, it is essential to work for eligible employers. Make sure they meet all the requirements of crime scene cleanup. By this, you will acquire the right training even after completing your training.

It also gives you a clue of how the industry works and what you need to employ other experts in the crime scene cleanup industry.

  • Have a support group

Crime scene cleaning may take days and sometimes weeks. This can cause emotional and stress issues. The right support group gives you the motivation and the morale you need to overcome any challenge, especially when the crime scene is awkward. It also enables you to perform your job better.

Crime Scene

Becoming a crime scene cleaner is not easy. However, with the necessary steps, it not only makes the job easier, but it also gives you the courage to handle situations better.