5 Best Keynote Speakers to Follow in 2019

Having a keynote speaker adds some flair to your event. Keynote speakers take your message, repackage it in their own ways and deliver it to your audience with unmatched vigor and power. In fact, bringing on an outside voice to your event creates some non-replicable spark and authority. Not only do they get your message delivered across the board, but they also help motivate and change the way of thinking and leave the audience feeling inspired and energized. But how do you identify the right keynote speakers for your event? Well, years of experience and leveraging on the industry relationship is one of the ways. In this guide, therefore, we discuss the top 5 best keynote speakers in 2019.

  1. Scott Harrison

Scott is the CEO and founder of the Charity: water. In addition, he is the author of the NY Bestselling book Thirst: Compassion, Mission to bring Clean Water to the World, and A Story of Redemption. Although known for his bestselling books in NY, Scott Harrison is one of the best keynote speakers. If you want a captivating storyteller, then he is one of the best in the industry.

  1. Shelly Palmer

Shelly is the CEO of Palmer Advanced Media. He is one of the most influential personalities in the media, In addition, he has more than 600,000 subscribers to his daily newsletters about media, tech, and entertainment. Besides, he is a speaker at different conferences. In 2019, he has served as keynote speaker the CES event. On a personal account, Shelly has a knack of speaking about the latest tech industry trends and has the ability to build trust with the audience during his presentations. If you are looking for a keynote speaker in the tech industry, then Shelly is the best person to grace your event.

  1. Bruce Turkel

Bruce is known to be one of the best speakers on the subject of innovation, branding, and leadership. In fact, he is an accomplished and passionate presenter who gladly share his journey of success while relating to the subject matter. Drawing form hos 30 plus years of experience, Bruce Turkel keynote speaker helps his audience understand how to make their brands relevant to their consumers. Additionally, he helps them differentiate themselves from other competitors. As a captivating and entertaining speaker, Bruce has spoken at TEDx, Harvard and other corporate industry conferences.

  1. Jay Baer

Jay is the most retweeted personality among digital marketers. He is a leading business strategist and NY best seller author of five books. His books revolve about technology, customer service, and leadership. In addition, Jay advises over 700 companies like Allstate and Nike. Since founding his strategic consulting firm Convince and Convert, Jay has been one of the best content marketing bloggers across the globe.

  1. Lisa Bodell

Lisa is the founder and CEO of futurelink. She is one of the most outstanding and bestselling author of Kill the Company and Why Simple Wins. She is one of the most decorated and recognized global leader on innovation foresight and change management. In addition, she is always called upon by global firms to help the eradicate workplace complexities. A factor that is killing the firms’ ability to adapt and innovate. Today, simplicity is becoming a competitive advantage of all time and Lisa leaves her audience in awe with her vision armed with tools to motivate individuals and organizations to take action.